Our Core Ergonomic Services

  • Office

    Employees at non-adjustable workstations were found to generate 20 times the workers compensation costs of employees at user-adjustable workstations with
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  • Laboratory

    Did you know that increasing your employees' comfort will result in a 2-10% increase in productivity? At 2 %, that's a full
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  • Industrial/Trades

    What will YOUR Return On Investment (ROI) be? A research review of 250 case studies of ergonomic inerventions, across many industries, found a
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  • Fire & EMS

    Many firefighter injuries occur in, on, or around the apparatus. We provide a range of injury prevention and ergonomic services
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Ergo Girls!


Seattle Department of Parks & Recreation

"Folks that would normally be grumbling about any kind of training were having appropriate conversation about safety after Deborah’s talk." — Woody Wilkinson, Seattle Department of


'Rants & Raves' - ErgoFit's Blog


Troubled SleepWith all the fear around being Sedentary… Is Sleep bad for you too?

 A client of ours recently asked: 

“If sitting is so bad for you, it seems to make sense that lying down or sleeping is also bad (because of it being sedentary). Is this true? Of course everyone needs to sleep, but are some sleeping positions better or worse? Are people who get more sleep than others (perhaps too much sleep, however much that would be) worse off than those who get a “proper” amount of sleep?”


Repetitive Pipetting

How much do you pipette?

When laboratory workers pipette for more than 300 hours per year (equivalent of 2 hours per day for a 50-week work year), they are more susceptible to increased risk of hand and shoulder discomfort.  To reduce your



Today's Work Force Characteristics

  • More than half of U.S. workers are over the age of 40, and the median age continues to rise; by 2015, one out of every three U.S. workers will be over 50 years of age.  
  • Older workers have a greater risk