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  • Office

    Employees at non-adjustable workstations were found to generate 20 times the workers compensation costs of employees at user-adjustable
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  • Laboratory

    Did you know that increasing your employees' comfort will result in a 2-10% increase in productivity? At 2 %, that's
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  • Industrial/Trades

    What will YOUR Return On Investment (ROI) be? A research review of 250 case studies of ergonomic inerventions, across many
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  • Fire & EMS

    Many firefighter injuries occur in, on, or around the apparatus. We provide a range of injury prevention and
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Division 9 Flooring

"Everything is going well and the guys feel equipped each day for their tasks both mentally and more importantly physically! Once again your program I


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Sit-Stand Workstation

ErgoFit’s Top 10 Considerations for Sit / Stand Workstations

You have heard about them, possibly thought about getting one yourself, or have had employees ask if they can get one.  Standing work is taking the office world by storm!


However, if you are considering purchasing height adjustable desk options in your office, there are some considerations to take into account prior to doing so:


10 Ergonomic Improvements a Contractor Can Make Now

 Here are 10 things a contractor can do right now for ergonomic improvment!

  1. Lower overhead work and raise below knee level work.
    1. Cheater bars
    2. Extension handles
    3. Use panel lifters and other “3rd” hands to hold overhead objects
    4. Change work surface height
      1. Pipe stands; Saw horses
      2. 2 x 4s for m


Worker Wellbeing

Occupational health and safety management has traditionally focused only on safety issues.  However, a healthy workplace is — by definition — a safe workplace.  This alone underscores the importance of integrating an organization’s health and safety efforts to increase a worker’s overal