Our Core Ergonomic Services & Products

  • Office

    Employees at non-adjustable workstations were found to generate 20 times the workers compensation costs of employees at user-adjustable workstations with
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  • Laboratory

    Did you know that increasing your employees' comfort will result in 2-10% increase in productivity? At 2%, that's a full
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  • Industry / Trades

    What will YOUR ROI be? Aresearch review of 250 case studies, across many industries, found a return of $45.50 for
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  • Fire / EMS

    Many firefighter injuries occur in, on, or around the apparatus. We provide a range of injury prevention and ergonomic services
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Ergo Girls!



Sit Stand Tips: Movement (such as walking) improves blood flow, lubricates joints, and hydrates your spinal discs.  So, getting up briefly and moving (or stretching) every ~30-60 minutes helps to do this for your body if you have a sedentary job.  We also advocate standing when possible, such as while on the phone, reading, while eating, or during meetings.  Even if one has a sit/stand workstation, they still need to move.  So, we also encourage people to fidget and change their sitting posture as much as they can to encourage more movement.


Woodland Park Zoo

"[The] holistic approach has allowed us to identify and address root causes of problems rather than simply treating symptoms enabling us to work toward long-term solutions. Deborah has been instrumental in identifying and providing resources for solution development. It is refreshing to receive attainable solutions as part of an evaluative and identification process… Deborah has developed a program with both long and short term goals, root caused oriented and implementable by staff and supervisors. I would recommend Deborah to any group which is seriously pursuing long terms solutions to job/task related issues…" — E.J. Hook, Facilities Supervisor, Woodland Park Zoo