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  • Office

    "Employees at non-adjustable workstations were found to generate 20 times the workers compensation costs of employees at user-adjustable
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  • Laboratory

    Did you know that increasing your employees' comfort will result in a 2-10% increase in productivity? At 2 %, that's
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  • Industrial/Trades

    What will YOUR Return On Investment (ROI) be? A research review of 250 case studies of ergonomic inerventions, across many
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  • Fire & EMS

    Many firefighter injuries occur in, on, or around the apparatus. We provide a range of injury prevention and
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'The Ergonomic Journey'

Low back pain

Low Back Pain; How Do We Address it?

Low back pain is a long standing, common condition causing chronic pain and disability for millions of Americans.  In fact, 12% of Americans have “activity limiting” back pain at any time, and 23% within each month!  Back pain is the #1 reason people seek complementary and alternative medicine in the U.S. and when broken down, several sources indicate that the healthcare costs associated with low back pain in the U.S. are 3x greater than the costs of all forms of cancers combined!  The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that low back pain has a greater impact on global health than malaria, diabetes, or lung cancer.