Request an Ergonomic Assessment

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Descriptions of each evaluation type is listed at the beginning of each form or simply view all descriptions in our Essential Businesses & Work from Home area.


Ergo Phone Coaching (no report)

LENGTH 25 minutes per person (phone or video conference)

These are best for non-complex early intervention or chronic conditions. Our consultants video call (Zoom or WhatsApp phone apps preferred) your employees and provide advice on working postures, practical home office set-up ideas, and equipment suggestions your employees can buy if they are interested (or we work with your approved standards). Our primary priority is to help them use what they have available to improve their current set-up. Employees choose their own appointment slot from our calendar link. We will not generate reports for this rapid response service, but we can provide you a list of names if required. We will invoice you weekly..

Phone Coaching(virtual - Individual or Self pay)

Phone Coaching (virtual - Company Sponsered)


Full Ergonomic Evaluation

LENGTH 45 – 60 minutes (in-person or video call)

Our Full Ergonomic Evaluation is appropriate for those with a known injury or diagnosis or seeking medical/allied health treatment. We aim to schedule the appointment to occur within 1-2 weeks of first contact with the employee. Prior to the consultation, we send out a symptom survey and request specific photos and workstation measurements via our how-to guide. To start the evaluation, we review the symptom survey with the employee. We then employ an educational approach and suggest immediate adjustments as appropriate for the reported concerns or discomfort. Within 10 business days of the evaluation, we provide a comprehensive report including the employee concerns, intervention details, photos, and additional recommendations. Occasionally, we will request photos following the consultation to ensure appropriate changes were made. We also provide two brief remote case management follow-ups (at 2 weeks and 8 weeks), and circle back to you to close the case; and if there are lingering issues, we will follow up directly with the employee to try to resolve (up to 10 min. phone call) – all at no additional charge!

Single Full Ergonomic Evaluation (in-person or virtual)

Multiple Full Ergonomic Evaluations (same location)

Multiple Full Ergonomic Evaluations (different locations)


Ergonomic Screening (aggregate report)

LENGTH up to 25 minutes per person (in-person or video conference)

These are best for non-complex early intervention or chronic conditions. Our consultants can conduct in person or virtually via telephone or video call.

Our consultants call your employees to evaluate their workstation and suggest immediate adjustments for the highest risk conditions. Typically 3 issues (maybe 4) can be addressed. Within 10 business days after the end of a month, we will deliver an aggregated spreadsheet that identifies each employee’s general concerns, and additional recommendations for you to follow-up on, if there are any. Depending on volume, we will either schedule person by person, or provide you an on-line calendar for employees to self-select. Please Note: For those who end up having complex issues, a 2nd virtual appointment may be required.

Ergonomic Screens (minimum required 4, unless coupled with a Full Ergonomic Evaluation or a workshop, at same location)


If you would like to schedule anything other than assessments please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..