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Advancing workplace productivity by optimizing organizations' best assets - their employees - to create a healthy and vibrant society and economy!

Our  Mission

Optimizing employee performance through our application of Ergonomics & Wellness so our clients have healthy and vibrant businesses! 

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 Our Significant Primary Differentiators

  • The combination of skills: Lean Ergonomics (for integration with Lean Manufacturing), Facility and Workflow Design, Job Analysis, Accommodation, Adaptive technology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Functional Fitness
  • Customized training and reports to meet your needs
  • Customizable Office Ergonomics Software with robust analytics and dashboard
  • Fastest turnaround time in the region, from request to delivery
  • stellar team to get your needs met quickly, while delivering our services with humor and understanding



Deborah Read - MOTR/L, President

Consultant, Occupational Therapist, Trainer, and reluctant Superhero! Deborah Read (aka ErgoGirl!) leads her team on their mission to stomp out workplace injuries and optimize human productivity!  It doesn’t matter if it’s an office, a construction site, a manufacturing facility, a lab, or any other work environment….the ErgoFit team is up for the challenge.

Deborah founded ErgoFit Consulting in 2001 after earning her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy at the University of Puget Sound and working for three years in Industrial Rehabilitation.  She also has over 25 years of fitness training experience and enjoys being a national Continuing Education Provider for personal trainers.  

Deborah is long time member and current  Administrator / Facilitator of the Pacific Northwest Ergo Roundtable, as well as active member and past President of the Puget Sound Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. She has spoken at many note-worthy conferences including the National Applied Ergonomics Conference, National ASSE Professional Development Conferences, Oregon Governor’s Safety & Health Conference, VPP Association for Construction Synergy Conference, the World Of Concrete conference, and several national Firefighter Safety, Fitness, & Health conferences.

In addition, Deborah created office ergonomics Web TV shows for Whitney & Wyatt, has been featured on CBS radio, Better Homes & Gardens, EWeek, ivillage, The Ergonomics Report, Ergonomics Today, and more.


Paul - KIN, Client Services Manager

Paul has been in the rehabilitation and ergonomics field for 20 years and has extensive experience treating and preventing work-related injuries through ergonomic intervention and preventative strategies.  He began his career treating musculoskeletal injuries in a physical therapy setting, and then shifted his focus to injury prevention through ergonomics and training.  His passion is in guiding and helping companies realize the importance of employee health and wellness, and the positive impact an ergonomics program will have on employee morale and the bottom line.

Paul is trained in Ergonomics and Injury Prevention through Isernhagen Work Systems and Roy Matheson and Associates.  His experience provides a valuable perspective for helping his clients integrate, evaluate and continually improve injury prevention and ergonomic strategies.


Tonya P  

Tonya – MSOT, OTR/L, B.S. in Kinesiology

Tonya has been an occupational therapist since 2011.  She started her career working in skilled nursing facilities, providing education and training to geriatric patients with acute and chronic injuries and illness.  It wasn’t long until Tonya realized her true passion lies in preventing injuries and maximizing meaningful occupation through the application of ergonomics and wellness.  She joined the ErgoFit team in the winter of 2012, bringing with her experiences from a long history of involvement with sports and body mechanics training, as well as experience conducting Physical Capacity Evaluations.

Tonya has lived in the Seattle area all her life and enjoys taking advantage of the numerous opportunities to partake in the great NW outdoors, including hiking, team sports, and running. 


Susan A   

Susan  B.S. in Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, LMP, CHEK EC, CHEK HLC II

 Susan's interest in ergonomics began during her first career as a design artist in the garment industry, where she experienced the ill effects of working at a desk for extended periods of time. In 1996 she graduated from the Brian Utting School of Massage and began her career as a Licensed Massage Practitioner while continuing to work in the garment industry. In 2007 she expanded her training as a body worker and became certified by the CHEK Institute as an Exercise Coach and a Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level II). She worked privately with clients, and as a personal trainer in gyms, where she enjoyed fostering balance, strength, and health. In 2008 she decided to take her training to the next level and returned to school to study Occupational Health & Safety as well as Industrial Hygiene, earning a B.S. in Environmental and Occupational Health & Sciences from the University of Washington. Her passion for ergonomics is informed by years of experience working in an office as well as her experiences as a massage therapist and fitness trainer working to cultivate balance.

Susan enjoys creating abstract oil paintings, working out in a gym, taking long walks, cooking and eating, and continuous learning.   

Bruce C



Bruce - MAIS, CPE, ACSM Fitness Instructor, NSCS

Bruce Coulter has worked as an ergonomist for twenty-five years.  
He has an interdisciplinary Master’s Degree from Oregon State University in exercise physiology, psychology and health education, and he is certified by the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics as a Professional Ergonomist.

He is fascinated by the current convergence of his two passions, well-being and ergonomics, with the current findings and associations between sedentary work and health.

He was hired by Weyerhaeuser Company, in 1986 to manage their three on site fitness centers and later moved into the company’s wellness program where was given the opportunity to start the office ergonomics process at their corporate headquarters in 1995.  He also provided ergonomics consulting and training in all sectors of the company’s operations.

He began work at the Department of Labor and Industries in July of 2000 and provided ergonomics training and consultation to business in Washington State for 16 years.

He is a past president of the Puget Sound Chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (PSHFES) who voted him “Ergonomics Professional of the Year” in 2005, and he was the sole administrator of the Pacific Northwest Ergonomics Roundtable from 1994 through 2016.

Bruce lives in Olympia with his wife Maribeth.  They both have kayaks and can walk out their front door and be in the Sound in 15 minutes.

Julie L



Julie - OTR/L HFS

Julie became invested in Injury Prevention and Ergonomics over 25 years ago when she started visiting the workplaces where her injured patients after their return to work.  Seeing the need to educate employers and employees regarding the prevention of injury, she shifted her focus to injury prevention and ergonomic consulting. 

A strong believer in the importance of communication and training, she was awarded the Toastmaster’s speech contest winner in the Northwest region. She has been the guest speaker for numerous professional and civic groups. She joined the ErgoFit team in 2012 and we are happy to have her.  She is passionate about meeting new people, travel, and keeping some form of exercise in the mix of life.


Monique W


Monique – Office Administrator

Monique has worked in various service fields for several years as a personal and executive assistant, an office administrator and various customer service related positions. She joined the ErgoFit team in December 2011 and became an official staff member in October 2012.

Monique volunteers her skills and time to a non-profit that houses people with special needs.  She enjoys spending time reading a good book, and sipping a good cup of coffee.


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