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Ergonomics & Endoscopy


Do you know what the practice of endoscopy is?   

An endoscopy procedure is performed to visually exam the inside of your digestive system e.g. esophagus, intestines and colon; the most common procedures are a colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy.


But did you know that practitioners of endoscopy often experience musculoskeletal pain and injury associated with awkward postures and the practitioner / endoscope interface required during endoscopic procedures?


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Sit-Stand Workstation

ErgoFit’s Top 10 Considerations for Sit / Stand Workstations

You have heard about them, possibly thought about getting one yourself, or have had employees ask if they can get one.  Standing work is taking the office world by storm!

However, if you are considering purchasing height adjustable desk options in your office, there are some considerations to take into account prior to doing so:

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