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Are the Dangers of Prolonged Static Postures Common Knowledge?

With all the hype in the media suggesting “Sitting is the new smoking” and an expanding pool of research exploring the effects of prolonged sitting, sedentary workers are gaining awareness of how serious this issue is.  We know that when sitting 6+ hours per day, negative metabolic effects happen within our bodies such as increased bad cholesterol, decreased good cholesterol, decreased metabolism and weight gain, not to mention a shortened life span and cardiovascular issues.  And the doesn’t matter how active you are outside of work, it does not negate the effects of prolonged sitting.  So what is the bottom line?  Break up static sitting time by incorporating more movement into your day!

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Reactive vs. Proactive (World Class) Ergo: Which Is Your Company?

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are preventable, so why are so many companies treating them reactively?

There are several causes of MSDs including (but not limited to) repetitive motion, overexertion, awkward postures, fatigue, health and work practices.  

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